What’s the craic?

My name’s Tadhg Casey and I’m your Education Officer for the year. I’m from the capital of West Cork, Clonakilty. I just graduated with a Law International degree, which means this will be my fifth year in UCC, so if nothing else I can tell you where to find the best coffee on campus.

My job is to give you advice on any issues you’re having with your course and to represent your academic interests on university committees.

If you’re having any issues at all with your course – be it a problem with your lectures or tutorials, you’re not sure if you like your course, you can’t find a room, or you’re nervous about exams – just give me a shout; I’m here to help. You can ring, email or call into the office – my door is always open (really need to get those hinges fixed).

I’m also responsible for the Class-Rep system along with the College Reps and Council Chair. Class Reps are vital in dealing with any issues you have and representing your views at Student Council. Elections will be taking place during the first couple of weeks of semester 1. Don’t be afraid to get involved! It’s a great experience that you’ll get so much out of.

The time you’ll spend in UCC will be the best days of your life. Believe me, the craic you have here will never be beaten. It’s so important that you experience all that college life has to offer. However, at the end of the day we’re all here to get the best degree we can, so don’t lose sight of that and make sure you strike a balance that allows plenty of time for study (the library is also the most sociable place on campus, so you’d really be missing out by not putting in the hours there!).

Beir bua,

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