Catherine Dawson

Education Officer

Hi there! My name is Aaron Frahill, and I’m your VP for Education for the coming academic year. I come from a town called Cobh which isn’t too far from Cork City and you may have heard of it due it being the final stop of the Titanic. I did Arts (Joint Honours) as my undergrad and did Mathematical Studies and Economics as my two subjects, I know you’re probably sick at the thought of that but it was something I really enjoyed and offered a lot of problem solving over the degree.

Speaking of problem solving that’s where my job and the Students’ Union come into play! So the bulk of my job can be broken down into two parts – firstly, working with students to help them with any issues they may have, from figuring out how to find your timetable for first year Arts (this is a lot harder than it sounds) to discussing your options if you are to fail or miss an exam, then secondly representing students on a number of committees, trying to make sure that students are getting the best quality out of their education.

I do a lot of work with Class Reps as well by working with the College Reps to organise Class Rep Elections and then support Class Reps however I can once they are elected. If your class doesn’t have a rep feel free to email me about it ( and we’ll organise an election ASAP.

If you see me around main campus or one of our satellite campuses feel free to stop and ask me anything, or else call into my office which is always open to you (if I’m not in, I leave office hours on my door of when I should be in the office for the day).

Enjoy your year, and make the most of it because it flies!

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