Barry O’Shea

Commercial & Communications Officer

Welcome to the best years of your life! Picking UCC is the greatest decision you’ll find yourself ever making. When you reach the real world you will look back and think of the great time you’ve had. A piece of advise, don’t waste your college years, time in UCC passes quickly.

Just to introduce myself a bit, my name’s Barry O’Shea and I’m 21 and from the greatest village in Cork, in the heart of the Ghaeltacht of Muskerry, Ballingeary. I have recently graduated with a BA in Irish & Computer Science. As Commercial & Communications Officer I am the commercial manager of the SU. I look after all advertising and promotions on campus and online in order to gain revenue to assist in running of our SU services to give back to you as students.

As an addition to my job I sit on various boards in UCC to ensure that UCC give their best to the students, I also work on ordering Class hoodies and Work on Graphic design for our events,website, social media and for marketing our Union.

It is also my job to ensure that you know what the SU does and what we can do for the students. I look after the website (, the SU Facebook ,Twitter , Snapchat & Instagram . On top of this, I intend on working closely with your Entertainments Officer to provide you with some incredible events and experiences.

As you may have gathered from the above, we in the Students Union are here for you, the students’ benefit and we hope to represent and cater for you in every manner possible. You have an incredible year ahead of you and I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

Have a great year!


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