Commercial & Communications Officer

Hello, hello a chairde, conas atá sibh?

Is mise Faye, I’m 22 years young and I hail from the lovely Kinsale in Cork. I’ve just finished by BA International degree here in UCC, with Irish and French.

The essence of my role is to gain revenue for the Union to assist with the running of our SU services. The main part of my role is to work with companies who wish to advertise through the Union via on-campus promotions, social media, etc. I am also in charge of public relations of the Union, I manage our social media accounts, I help class reps with class hoodies, I sit on a multitude of committees and I work on the graphic design for the Union.

In early October I will be putting together UCCSU’s first ever Comms Crew. This will comprise of 5-8 business-minded students with entrepreneurial initiative to assist me with income generation. Please get in touch if you have any interest.

The 6 full-time officers are here to ensure that your experience as a student is made as fun, simple and smooth as possible. We are here to help you and represent your needs in the best manner possible so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us!

You have a great year ahead of you, get involved, get immersed and enjoy every minute of it!

Beir bua agus grá mór x

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