Abbie Moloney

Medicine & Health Rep

My name is Abbie Moloney, and I am the Medicine and Health rep! I am in my final year studying Speech and Language Therapy in UCC.
I am honored to have been elected as the College of Medicine and Health representative on the UCC Students’ Union. I look forward to working with you all this year to make life in college as enjoyable as possible.
Some things I do in my role are…
• Representing the views of Med and Health students at executive meetings
• Working with the Education Officer to elect Class Representatives
• Working with the staff in the College of Medicine and Health
• Working with Class Representatives to support students as they navigate through the college year
I understand that being a student in the College of Medicine and Health means we are often professionals in training also – not just students! I believe students in the COMH are remarkable people capable of remarkable things. It is part of my job to support you in reaching your potential!
You can contact me at any time at or if you see me on campus (or online) feel free to say hi!

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