Jamie Fraser

Welfare Office

Hi there! I’m Jamie and I am your Welfare Officer for the year!
Life has a funny way of throwing us a lot of ups and down and University life certainly has a lot of them!  My job is to be your support system and help you tackle all non – academic issues affecting your student experience, whether that be mental health, accommodation, exam stress, financial stress or sexual health! I’m always open for a chat and give out free condoms so feel free to stop by the office anytime you want! (I’m on the ground floor, away from all the scary ones upstairs!)
Another part of my job includes running welfare weeks and health promotion campaigns. I have big plans for the year ahead and will work my hardest to support and represent the needs of students’ in UCC to the very best of my ability.
That’s all from me,. Take every day as it comes, have fun and remember I’m always here for you no matter what the issue even if you just need somewhere to chill out and grab a cup of tea.
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