Countdown to Virtual Freshers Week


This year, UCCSU is holding a Freshers Week like never before. We’re encouraging everyone to stay home and avoid parties – but you can stay safe and entertained with our streamed events!

Stay safe and join the digital party across multiple platforms with a whole host of events from Monday the 28th of September to Friday the 2nd of October.


All Week

All week UCCSU will be running our Digital Welcome site. Here you can get more information about different services in UCC, sign up for some clubs and societies, and experience a virtual experience like no other.

The Digital Welcome will go live on the 28th of September.


Monday 28th of September

12pm – Q+A with UCCSU

Get all the questions you have about the upcoming year answered by your SU officers!

2pm – “The Future”

A panel discussion with UCC Co-operative Society and UCC International Development Society on what the future of our world looks like

8pm – MESSYNG Set

An exclusive set from Ireland’s premier politicotronic bedroom band

Tuesday 29th of September

7pm – Tea and Chats with SÁMH and SVP

Meet new people and just chill out at this casual digital get-together

8pm – Virtual DJ Livestream with Choral Soc

Socially distant tunes from the folks over at Choral Soc

9pm – DJ Josh Hogan

Specially recorded set for UCC Students’ Union

Wednesday 30th of September

12pm – Gaming Stream with NetSoc

Interactive gaming streams on Twitch hosted by UCC’s NetSoc

5pm – Yu-Gi-OH! Warped Duelling

Digital Yu-Gi-OH! games hosted on Twitch by UCC’s WARPs Society

6pm – “Give It A Go” Socs Sampler with UCC Societies

Try out a new skill or activity from one of over a hundred societies in UCC

8pm – DJ Cillian Bowles

Exclusive set for UCC Students’ Union streaming on Twitch Presents

Thursday 1st of October

4pm – UCCSU Q+A

Get all the answers to your questions about the upcoming semester from your SU officers!

5pm – The Hardy Buck Returns with Owen Colgan

Exclusive Set for UCCSU’s Digital Freshers’ Week

6pm – Mukbang with Korean Soc

Eat along at home to Korean Soc’s Mukbang show live on Twitch

8pm – Lorcan Casey: Groovy Tuesday

Groovy Tuesday…on a Thursday… Exclusive set for UCCSU Twitch Presents

9pm – Daithi

Exclusive set for UCCSU from Daithi, hosted on Twitch Presents

Friday 2nd of October

2pm – Q+A with UCC Squash

Interested in taking up a new sport this year? Ask all your burning questions to our UCC Squash team!

4pm – UCCSU Q+A

Any and all questions you have to your SU Officers

4:30pm – Vodafone X Campus Sessions

Win prizes and dance along to an exclusive set from UCCSU, sponsored by Vodafone