What’s Your COVID Plan?

In the event that you become a close contact or symptomatic, it’s important to set out a plan so that you can self-isolate as safely as possible. Have a chat with your housemates about the best plan of action for your household in case someone contracts COVID-19.

This could include:

  • Agreeing to cook an extra dinner for the person who is self-isolating
  • Cordoning off one bathroom for the self-isolating person to use
  • Buying extra essentials like toilet paper or painkillers in the event that you have to self-isolate
  • Ensuring that you have a safe way to get to a testing centre (no public transport!)
  • Setting up an account with a grocery delivery service.
  • Scheduling weekly Zoom calls with your friends

Share your COVID plan on Twitter or Instagram with the #MyCOVIDPlan hashtag to share ideas about how you can safely self isolate.