The SU are thrilled to announce the launch of the Keep Well Project, in collaboration with UCC Sport, UCC Health Matters, UCC Graduate Attributes, Peer Support. Mardyke Arena, and the National Suicide Research Foundation.

The goal of this project is to provide students with an interface to access high quality information and workshops rooted in peer reviewed academic research, which will enable them to look after their health and well being, both mental and physical.

This resource is free for all students and is centred around the areas of mental, social and physical well being.

You can find the UCC Keep Well Instagram here.

Mental Health Resources

Many students struggle with mental health issues that may be worsened by a college workload. Below we’ve compiled a list of resources and supports available for those who are suffering right now.

Isolation and Loneliness

Information on Isolation:

Tea N’ Chats:

In collaboration with SÁMH Society and UCC SVP Society, UCCSU host a weekly ‘Tea N’ Chats’ event where you can pop in and chat to other students about college/work/life in general! Contact SÁMH on Instagram for the weekly Zoom Link!

Making Friends in First Year:

College looks very different this year, but our Welfare Officer Jamie has put together the following resource on how to make the most of socialising in an online college experience.

Mental Illnesses

For those living with a mental illness, the stigma surrounding it can be an incredibly difficult hurdle to overcome. Our Welfare Officer, Jamie, has put together the following infographics on the facts of some of the most prevalent mental illnesses, as well as a resource guide. Helplines will be provided below.
Content warning for self-harm, suicide and ED mention.


Generalised Anxiety Disorder:

Eating Disorders:

Borderline Personality Disorder (or Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder):

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD):

Stress Management

College can be a very stressful time, but this is especially so in the age of COVID-19. Our Welfare Officer Jamie has put together the following resources on dealing with stress in a safe and healthy way.

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Crisis Text Line – 50808

Accessing counselling through UCC Student Health

Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings:

UCC Niteline: Link to Instant Messaging Chat

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Samaritans – 116 113

Pieta House – 021 439 533 324

Emergency Services – 999 or 112

Physical Health Resources

Looking after your physical health might be a little more difficult right now, but there are still plenty of great resources you can use to help boost endorphins and stay fit!

Mardyke Home Workouts

The Mardyke Arena are sharing home workout activities while the gym is closed. Get your heart rate up in the comfort of your own home by following along!

Online Pilates Class

The Mardyke are also sharing some beginners Pilates exercises for you to enjoy!


Managing Sleep Hygiene:

UCC Everyday Matters:

UCC Talks

UCC Talks is a new initiative set up by UCCSU to allow students to share their stories and learn from each other.

The goal of UCC TALKS is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues by creating a community in which we can grow, learn and prosper together.

You can read inspiring stories from other UCC students on the UCC Talks website here.