COVID-19 No Academic Disadvantage Measures

What is a module re-sit?

A module re-sit will typically be a comparable assessment(s) to assess the Learning Outcomes and meet any additional requirements of the module, including those specified by external bodies. The re-sit assessment is worth 100% of the available module marks. You cannot pick which elements of your module to re-sit. 


What happens if I don’t improve my module result after a re-sit?

If your module grade does not improve after a re-sit then the module result you achieved in your first attempt will be considered for calculation of your final mark and judgement i.e., your best grade will be used. 


When will I be able to apply for a re-sit?

If you are unhappy with a module result, then you can apply for a re-sit.  Applications for module re-sits must be submitted within 10 days of final results being released. Final results are normally released in May/June, with specific dates to be announced nearer the time. 


If I fail a module, what will happen?

You’ll be required to take the module supplemental as in the Book of Modules. You will be automatically registered for the Supplemental Examination and do not need to apply. Details of Supplemental Examination arrangements will be communicated in advance by the Module Co-ordinator.


Do these measures apply to assessments taken before the Christmas break?

Yes, these measures apply for the full 2020/21 academic year. 


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