RAG Volunteers!

We’re looking for RAG Raiders!

Their job is to make sure that all the fun, madness and partying of RAG week turns into money for charity. Without them the whole thing just doesn’t work.

So how does it all work?
1. Call up to the Students’ Union Office (next to the common room)
2. Pick up a bucket – you’ll have to sign it out and get your RAG Raider credentials
3. Brace yourself
4. Hassle, cajole, charm & beg money from people all over campus
5. Return to the SU, exhausted and with a heavy bucket ready to count the spoils
6. Do it all again!

We’re also looking for night raiders! People who are willing to brave town and collect money from people queuing for clubs or hanging around the fountain!

Any questions / want to sign up? 
Email Joe Kennedy on education@uccsu.ie