Student Feedback on Online Learning – a UCCSU Report

On behalf of all of us in UCC Students’ Union, we would like to say thank you to the 2000+ of you who completed the Students’ Union Online Learning Survey. Your valuable insight has given us a unique opportunity to influence and improve the learning experience for students in UCC and across Ireland.

The report with a full analysis of the findings is now available here.

Eimear, our education officer has been presenting your opinions to a variety of committees within UCC including the Governing Body, Head of Schools Forum and a University-Wide Town Hall, as well as nationally at the IUA-EDTL Webinar. 


Some of the key findings are; 


  • 91% of 2508 respondents said that they were feeling overwhelmed with content

  • 51% of 2049 respondents had less than six hours of live classes a week, with 2% having zero. 

  • Respondents liked live classes because they could ask questions and get direct replies. 

  • Respondents did not like live classes because of the tech and internet issues, leading to frustration, boredom and disengagement. 

  • Respondents liked pre-recorded classes because they can work at their own rhythm, pausing videos and writing proper notes. 

  • Respondents did not like pre-recorded classes because there is an overload of content, and also because they cannot get an instant reply to questions. 


Does the report accurately reflect your experience with online learning? Let Eimear know at