UCC Votes 2015

On Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th of January UCC students will make two incredibly important decisions.

  1. Should we remain members of the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), at a cost of €5 per student?

  2. Should we campaign for a yes vote in the Marriage Equality referendum?

Where & When Can You Vote?

  • Boole Basement – College of Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Science
  • Kane Building – College of Science, Engineering & Food Science
  • Brookfield – College of Medicine & Health
  • ORB – College of Business & Law
  • CUH – Med & Health Placement Students – Jan 26th, 9am – 1pm

Polls are open: Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th January, 9am – 5pm

Erasmus Students are able to vote in the current #UCCVotes referendums by emailing their votes to uccsuerasumsvoting@gmail.com before 5pm on the 27th.

Make sure to bring valid UCC ID with you to vote!

What Does The USI Referendum Mean?

UCC are currently members of the Union of Students in Ireland, meaning that UCC students already pay €5 each per year.

If UCC votes ‘Yes’, capitation charges will not increase as we are already members and UCC will continue engaging with USI and utilising use of their resources. A ‘No’ vote means UCC will no longer remain members of USI, will not engage with USI on a national level and will not be able to avail of their resources.

We asked each side to contribute arguments for & against remaining members:

Laura Harmon,  USI President

Markus Knutsson,  No To USI

“UCCSU and USI are working well together.

USI protected the grant since 2012 and secured 3.3million extra funding to the student assistance fund; won back 25m for colleges; coordinated the registration of 20,000 student voters; secured accommodation for more than 400 students last September. USI is a leading voice on mental health and marriage equality in Ireland.

USI membership = €5 per year per student. You receive national representation; discounted training; materials such as Freshers, SHAG and mental health packs; UCC voices at the table; a national network and so much more.

Vote #YEStoUSI so we can continue winning for students in UCC.

See www.USI.ie/yes and Facebook

“USI membership costs UCC students over €120,000 a year through affiliation fees, training expenses and other costs. For this we have seen fees rise, grants cut or abolished, an accommodation crisis exaggerated and no real improvement of conditions for students.

It is our belief that if UCC disaffiliates from USI the monies that are currently spent can be spent on providing better services to UCC students.

It was our own Student Union that achieved longer library opening hours, more funding for the Student Assistance Fund and it is our SU who will be here to listen to us after this referendum is over, in USI or not.”

See #UCCVotes For More.

You Vote, You Decide.