UCCSU Calls Students for National Day of Action

UCC Students’ Union are calling all students to come out and join us as we protest against further cuts to the Education Budget. We believe that every student has a right to education and ought not be discouraged or forced out of education due to financial strains, especially ones which are inflated upon students by our very own government. We want the Government to know that we will no longer stand for our education being attacked and slashed on a yearly basis. The Grant, Back to Education Allowance, and Special Needs Assistance are all BASIC REQUIREMENTS for many students achieving an education. We demand that our government listen to us, the people who are working hard to get an education. The people, who are the future of Ireland, yet are being pushed aside and marginalised all in the name of austerity. Every person, be they a student or not, a friend, family member or local neighbour, are all affected by cuts to education. Cutting education is not the solution: we need investment in our education and into creating jobs for people, not slashes and cuts, creating difficulty and turmoil at every turn.

We are urging you to come out and join us on October 1st, and  make sure that the government know that we won’t take anymore. Join students form all over the southern region of Ireland: CIT, Limerick, Tralee, Carlow and Waterford, as we unite together in opposition of further cuts to our, and the students coming after us, education.

We are meeting on the Quad of UCC at 12.15. We will provide the t-shirts and banners- you just need to provide the noise and belief that you have a right to education just like everyone else. So come out, make noise, and fight not only for your future, but the future of all those around you.

Annie Hoey
Deputy President