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1fx1g587nf8s0h7xqth72j9rlztavpduq6bjv9qt2tn8udbNominations for STUDENTS’ UNION Postgrad Rep are closed and we have 9 wonderful candidates. Below they tell you why they think you should vote for them!

  • Claire Crowley, MSc (Management and Marketing)

It’s my fifth year in UCC and I’ve been involved in campus life for those five years. I’d like to take this to the next level by becoming Post Grad rep.

  • Adrian Doyle, MSc (Info Systems for Business)

As one of three Student Representatives for the Msc ISBP course, and having already graduated from a Master of Arts course, I’m very aware of Postgraduate issues. As a Representative, I have been actively engaging with both the Students Union and Course Co-ordinators on the part of students, and I know the benefit of Representatives to any Postgraduate course. A number of friends of mine in a variety of Postgraduate courses have mentioned that they either haven’t had elections for Student Representatives in their courses yet, or that they’re unaware of who their Representatives are. A main focus of mine would be to push for the creation of Postgraduate Representatives for every Postgraduate course. I would like to encourage more Postgraduate involvement with the Students Union as well as the Student Council, and would actively work to create connections between departments, Course Co-Ordinators and the Students Union.

  • Deirdre Ferriter, Higher Diploma in Social Policy

I am currently class rep of my Hdip in Social Policy Post graduate class, I am Features Editor of the UCC Express and a Group Leader of a weekly paired reading class with SUAS. I would like to be the post grad rep because I believe I understand the highs and lows of postgrad education. I like most postgrad students juggle many commitments with college, work and my personal life. I think I could represent the postgrad class very well as I am a great team player.

  • Ian Hutchinson, Higher Diploma in Arts

In seeking this role I have previous experience at both class and college level on the Students Union. During my Arts degree I served twice as an academic class rep for my politics class and during my final year I served as rep of the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences on the Students Union. During my time in these roles I gained invaluable experience into student’s issues. I represented students to the best of my ability, sought to solve whatever problems students may have had and helped them in any way I possibly could. Should I be fortunate enough to be elected to this role I will work tirelessly to represent postgraduate students to be best of my ability, solve any issues that postgraduate students may be facing and further help postgraduate students in any way I possibly can. I would seek to elect as many postgraduate class reps as possible to ensure each class has adequate representation. I would also seek to meet with postgraduate class reps on a regular basis in small groups and discuss the issues that are affecting them and their classes in order to gain insight and understanding to issues that are affecting postgraduate students.

  • Eoin Marsh, MA (History) – International Relations

Quite simply, for those of you that don’t know me I am a former secretary and Publics relations officer for Ucc Kickboxing, I am currently enrolled in a masters in International Relations because I want to make life better for people. My aims for this position is to represent Ucc’s Postgrad’s to the best of my ability, to help those who are struggling whether it be from financial, college or any form of pressure YOU feeling; and give YOU an open ear for any grievances when you need one. I am approachable, honest and hardworking, to simplify it I get the work done. I am doing this so as to try and make college a little easier for postgrads, to make YOUR life a little easier. If a man can make the world a better place then why doesn’t he?

  • Lloyd O’ Brien, MSc (Business Information Systems)

I have been attending University College Cork since 2011 and during my time here I have seen many class representatives and many student union members come and go; from this I can see what it takes to step up, make a difference, and create change in such a large and diverse university. The Student Union has been very active in terms of accommodating students’ needs and requests; library hours, semesterisation issues, exam timetables and venues, housing, just to name a few. It is from this activity and success that has created an interest in me to be a part of the Student Union for 2015/16. I am currently studying for a postgraduate degree in MSc Business Information Systems. I am an elected class representative for the academic year and generally enjoy leadership and initiative roles. An example of this is understanding the needs of foreign students in the class (where there are 4 different nationalities) and helping them with things such as UCC Book of Modules, UCC Web Timetable, UCC Park & Ride, Arás Card, and many other things a national student like myself would take for granted. Another example of this is being the UCC Campus Representative for Yik Yak, the anonymous messaging board app. In this role I have to create events myself, distribute merchandise, and develop an open and understanding environment on the application for UCC. I have also tutored for 2nd year Commerce last year under Dr. Mary Daly. In terms of plans for the role, I would hope to listen to all postgraduate class representatives attentively, seek to solve issues quickly and with all involved, liaise between students, reps, union members, and staff of the college. Thank you for your time in considering me for the position of Postgraduate Representative 2015/16. Lloyd O’ Brien

  • Vincent O’Brien, MSc (Analytical Chemistry)

I’ve been a class rep for the past 4 years as well as being a peer supporter for 3 years and a member of the Cancer society where I was elected as Finance officer/sponsorship officer and special projects officer. I’m familiar with a lot of the behind the scenes work that goes into orientation and worked as a coordinator during this year’s first year orientation. I’m running for the position of Postgrad class rep as I feel there are serious issues facing postgrad students such as the lack of orientation for postgrad students that leaves many struggling in the first months of college unnecessarily. In the past year many courses have seen an increase in fees (mine personally went from €6500 to €7500) without any positive impact on the content of the course. These outrageous fees and lack of quality in some postgrad course need to be addressed if UCC is to continue attracting world class students. Personally I feel a strong voice is needed to get these issues across as they have been present for many years but have only gotten worse with time. UCC needs to take a good look at the courses it offers at a postgrad level and make sure they are offering the quality for money that one should expect from Ireland’s best University.

  • Eileen O’Donovan, MSc (Management Information & Acc Sys)

I am asking for you to vote for me as Postgrad Rep as I have both the experience and capability. I have had the responsibility of updating the Student Council policy booklet, recording mandates relating to the Students’ Union officers and for the accurate and timely posting of agendas and minutes in my role as Secretary of Student Council last year. I see the role of the Postgrad Rep to be able to represent the views of all students pursuing a diverse range of postgraduate qualifications. I want these views to be heard and listened to so that postgrad students are not in any way marginalised. This starts right with the SU, with no contact details for a postgrad rep on the website or Facebook page and should be remedied immediately. Postgrads face many of the same issues as undergrad students – from a lack of affordable housing, to intermittent eduroam, to scattered timetables and insufficient library hours. These are some of the issues I’ve discovered that make being a postgraduate in UCC more difficult. These are problems which require long term solutions, some of which are a work in progress. I am prepared to work with those internally and externally of the SU to make students’ time in UCC smoother. I will ensure that the views and issues raised by postgrad students are the concerns of the SU Executive and that these problems are resolved. I would appreciate your vote for this election.

  • Alexandra Wiltshire de Soares, MA (Women’s Studies)

More women should be leadership positions and I am willing to run, although I haven’t seen the e-mail soon enough, so I don’t know if it would be possible. The Students Union picture shows, for example, representation of 4 men and 1 woman. That is a very low representation rate, and it matters. Academic environments, for the sake of knowledge, must be equally represented. The scientific world produces and reproduces sexist models, mostly because of its unawareness of social differences. As a Master of Arts in Women’s Studies students, I think I could help improving this picture.


How To Vote

Voting is open between now and 12 noon Tuesday November 10th. You can vote by emailing your preferences to


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